36C3 talk recordings I watched

Every year I make a point of setting aside some time to watch some of the talk recordings that come out of the C3 events.

These are the ones I watched these year in no particular order:

If I had to make a recommendation for a talk that you absolutely must watch, it is the talk by Katharin Tai about Hong Kong. It is a fascinating insight into how a current protest movement is operating successfully and what makes them tick.

Your long Twitter thread should be a blog post

Every once in a while someone on my various timelines shares a link to an interesting thread of posts on Twitter and every time I click on it, its all like “hmm, this is interesting…ugh I sure wish this was posted literally anywhere else with a better reading experience” and then I stop reading because for a site designed to maximize “engagement” Twitter sure isn’t a pleasant place to actually engage with.

Twitter really isn’t a good way disperse large amounts of interesting information, its threaded design is meant for conversation and not blog post sized self-reply threads. Arguably, it isn’t very good for actual discussion either but I digress.

So this is a plea from me to you, potential long Twitter thread poster, please consider collecting those thoughts and posting it on your blog. If you do not have a blog, please consider getting one. I like WordPress but there are other options like Write.as or Medium. I have a lot of reservations about Medium but again I digress. If you really do not want to use a blog for whatever reason I have seen people use a service called TwitLonger to post long posts that are not suitable for threading.

So in conclusion I reiterate – Your long Twitter thread should be a blog post.

Retrospective: Overwatch League 2019

With the 2019 Overwatch League season having come to a close, it is time for me to look back upon this season and talk about what I enjoyed about this season (and also what I did not). I also want to take a look at the various states of the meta-game throughout the season and also memorable moments throughout the season.

The 2019 season is the first season where I have followed it from start to finish, I got into watching competitive Overwatch nearing the end of the 2018 OWL season (I believe it was the stage 3 playoffs specifically). I will be tying talk of the meta to these time periods as that makes more sense than talking about it in a section of its own.

I will be dividing this post up by preseason, the four stages and ending with the post season.

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The Value of Music in the Age of Streaming

Nick Heer:

One more thing: I’ve never found CDs or cassette tapes to be particularly valued ways of listening to music. CDs, in particular, are a brittle delivery mechanism for music that sounds basically the same as what you’d get from iTunes. This is only a smidge less corny than talking about the warmth of vinyl and the way it friggin breathes; but, for me, a vinyl record is a fantastic way of expressing the personal value of an album.

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