The Hierarchy of Difficulty in Content Distribution on the Internet

I talked about this concept in a segment about Luminary in Episode 92 of Shades of Brown but I also wanted to get it written down as a blog post because I think it is worth sharing.

So the general summary of the idea is that there is this hierarchy of difficulty when it comes to distribution of various forms of content on the Internet.

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Read Receipts Considered Harmful

Let us envision a scenario:

  • You send an important message to someone, a message that requires a response.
  • Your chat application indicates that the recipient has ‘read’ the message.
  • The recipient does not respond after having ‘read’ the message.

Why did they not respond?

Were they perhaps distracted by something else before they could respond? Were they still thinking up a response? Did their phone lose connectivity? Was it something you said? Do they hate you now and never want to talk to you again?

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VPNs are not the solution to a policy problem

The US House of Representatives just voted to eliminate the FCC ISP privacy rules. If you are interested in a further reading about the details of said rules, this article is a good place to get started.

As Americans begin to accept this new reality, the discourse shifts to what we can do to workaround this particular issue. Yes, VPNs are a workaround at best, and a shitty one at that.

Let me explain.

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