Encrypted DNS Query Transports and Their Trust Models

Recently there have been a couple bits of new on the DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) and DNS-over-TLS (DoT) front. Comcast and Mozilla have struck a deal to provide a privacy oriented DoH service for Comcast users in the USA. Apple announced at WWDC 2020 that they are implementing both DoH and DoT on their iOS/iPadOS platforms with iOS/iPadOS 14.

So I feel that it is a good time to talk about the trust models inherent to the DNS query system for residential internet users and where DoH/DoT come in.

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Subscription Fatigue

The topic of subscription fatigue and subscriptions in general have been on my mind recently. I recently talked about it on an episode of Shades of Brown and I recently also read a blog post by TJ Luomo about tracking subscriptions.

Making resolutions for the new years is not something I usually do but at the start of 2020 I decided I would try to minimize recurring costs (aka subscriptions) as much as possible. So I decided to give the app TJ mentioned a try and just inputting all the subscriptions in my life was fatiguing in itself.

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36C3 talk recordings I watched

Every year I make a point of setting aside some time to watch some of the talk recordings that come out of the C3 events.

These are the ones I watched these year in no particular order:

If I had to make a recommendation for a talk that you absolutely must watch, it is the talk by Katharin Tai about Hong Kong. It is a fascinating insight into how a current protest movement is operating successfully and what makes them tick.